Changes of interface

My FreePBX distro version is 10.13.66
After modules updates by module admin, I noticed that interface of adding data to chan_sip extension was changed. Two references of “context” settings forms was appeared: “context”, that is filled “from-internal” by default, and “custom-context” where can be choosed required one. Suppose, I want to create extension and apply it to custom context I need.

  1. If I choose particular custom context without removing “from-internal” from “context” form, I get the “from-internal” context at the extension settings in the “sip_additional.conf”.
  2. If I remove “from-internal” from “context” form, then I choose the custom context I need, I don’t get any value in “context” at the sip_additional.conf. Like this:
    "context= ".
    Therefore I’ll need to go to the extension settings again, change a custom context I need again, and save again. Thus, to add a new extension without default context, it needs to be changed two times.
    Is it normal behavior and so was planned? Are there no contradictions of that?

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