Changes in dialparties.agi don't stick


Due to some customization we did, we need to modify the dialparties.agi. However, all modifications done holds until the next reload. Once reloaded, all file settings goes to their original state.

We found two dialparties.agi files on the server. One can be modified, keep the changes, but doesn’t seem to affect server behavior. The second one affect the server, but only until the next reload is done.

For any difference it might make:

  • While modifying we are logged in as ‘root’.
  • We are using Trixbox v2.6.2.3
    Asterisk 1.4.22-4
    PBX Status Module Version: 2.6.1

All help would be appreciated.



it’s copied form ~modules/core/agi/dialparties.agi each time you apply configuration changes. Take away write permissions or change it in the module (though it will get overwritten there when you download an updated modules).

thank you