Changes for CallerID in chan_dahdi.conf get overwritten

FreePBX 2.8.1
TDM400 card
Done from AsteriskNow 1.7 iso install.

Caller ID does not appear to be enabled by default for this installation. I can enable it by adding for following settings to chan_dahdi.conf and everything works.


However every time the config files are regenerated by freepbx my changes get lost. I cannot work out if there is an option in FreePBX that will cause these settings to be included in the generated files, or if there is a file that I can put them into that will not get overwritten.

NB The same is also true for the echocancellation settings which I also cannot find a way to include.


Any help appreciated.

very likely a bug in the dahdiconfig module. Are you using that or trying to configure by hand?

From a quick glance, it would appear that the base chan_dahdi.conf file does not include ‘_custom.con’ files that would let you manually add things that it is not handling, similar to the sip.conf file.

Please report a bug if all this is the case on trac and I’ll see if I can ping the Digium Engineer who should be looking after this and a handful of other issues that are up on trac for that module.