Changed Networks introduced Nat Issues Maybe?

Hello all,
I recently migrated my working copy of FreePBX/Asterisk that was using Sangoma as trunk to a separate network. It was set up on my companies main network and we decided to set the system on in its own internet connection and at the moment it is able to connect to Sangoma servers and I am able to connect from my Phone Software as well as my Coworkers. We connect using the Public IP of the Network and the Softphones are happy as clams up until I make a call.
If I call an outside phone the system rings and I receive the call and can pick it up but as you can guess I get no audio in either direction. When I call a coworker who is logged into their softphone using their extension it calls them and they recive the call and can pick it up. The issue is again no sound in either direction. Now when I had this system on the main ISP line everything was working fine but I noticed now that the Phone system still shows the old IP in the Contact IP place when I go into sangoma so that just adds to my confusion as it seems that should be set when the system connects according to some posts I have seen on here.

I am wondering if by changing the network the VM is on I some how confused the system. I have tried restarts and and updates to no avail. I have also noticed the system does not save changes in the firewall in terms of zones and I am not sure if that is part of the issue.

Im open to any suggestions or Ideas.

TL;DR I put my Asterisk VM on a different Network with its own internet and everything stopped working.

There are so many places that would be messing with you. I’m going to guess that you originally had your VM set up behind a NAT of some kind, and now you don’t. I’m going to assume that you also changed the interface addresses, and probably changed the addresses for all of the services in all of the extensions, etc. Did you reset all of the extension configurations to disable NAT, since they are no longer NATting through the firewall?

This is definitely going to end up being a firewall thing, but unlike other people with Firewall problems, yours is basically backwards. You HAD a firewall working, and now you don’t need one (or more precisely, you need a different one) and the old one is boning you big time.

The only way to get this working is to just pour through all of the setting for every device and make sure they are set correctly. A “NAT=Yes” in the wrong place is just as devastating as a “NAT=No”, so you’re just going to have to hammer your way through it and figure out how the network needs to be set up. There’s no easy solution that I can think of, short of starting over with the new network and not trying to move it once you get it started.

Interestingly there was a nat before and there is NATnow albeit a completely different one. So I should think I wouldn’t have to make very many changes to all. I went through all the configs I could think of and changed the Network info to match the new network.