Change Web UI PBX Administrator password

Ok, so I’m running FreePBX

I need to change my PBX Administrator password, because our systems keep getting hacked, but I only have access to the Web UI, no CLI access, no direct access. This PBX is being hosted in a DataCenter hundreds of miles away from me.

I’ve changed all the passwords I see visible on the “Advanced Settings” tab, but none of them change the password I actually needed to change…

Any ideas?

BTW, this is a Distro of FreePBX…


What distro of FreePBX?

As long as you have port 80 exposed you will continue to get hacked.

Install a firewall such as BFD, change the SSH port and shut down outside access to port 80. Use a program such as Putty that allows you to access port 80 via ssh and your browsers proxy feature. It’s the only secure way to do it.

Also you should limit the exposure of port 5060 to as little as possible. Certainly only to the geographic region you are in.

If your hosting provider won’t allow you to do this then find a new one.

Check for a link called Administrators in your web interface and see if the username matches whats listed. If so change the password there assuming your using database authentication. If not we would need more information as SkykingOH stated above as to what distribution your using.