Change Voicemail Menu Option to Delete from 7 to 3

Okay, other than telling my users to get over it (I mean isn’t it the same number you press to delete messages on your cell phone??? Uhhhg), does anyone know if it is possible to change menu options for handling messages (ie 7 for delete to 3 for delete)? If so, could you point me in the right direction or a possible link with the hoops I’ll have to jump through? (grrr)

I do realize this could be done on a device by device basis. But, that will leave just too much room for error. So, I need a global fix. (grrr again)

Thanks for any sympathy in this endeavor. :frowning:

Nope one of the non-simple or flexible things in Asterisk is changing voicemail options. You would need to go into the C-Code of App_voicemail and change it in the source.

Thanks for the feedback, Tony. Very much appreciate your time. I’m assuming that any app updates would pretty much undo any customizations as well. Just trying to weigh all the “cost” versus benefit on this one.

Yes any update to Asterisk would kill your changes.