Change User Management Email Template


does anyone know where the template for the user management send user email is located. I’d like to use this when an extension is created to save me time from reaching out to the user, but the template needs work.

We don’t use the UCP module - don’t need the link to it, we have Sangoma Phone as well, which for some reason it is including a URL like to the our domain name:6443 – not sure for what reason - don’t need to get access to it via the URL – not sure but the link they send is used for the Desktop App…

i’d like to remove those two items. Honestly, the links lool like a hot mess, and I can see our users calling me to see if this a phishing attempt.

I just want to include the password reset option, is there a variable just for that option instead of all the $services?

hopefully this can be done without upsetting FreePBX… i modified the brand text variable in Ucp.class.php – and received the dreaded “Module: User Control Panel”, File: “/var/www/html/admin/modules/ucp/Ucp.class.php altered”


Then that means they need access to the UCP. The password they would change is for the UCP. If you arent using the UCP why do you need a password reset link?

In the Admin GUI

sorry to clarify…

I have UCP turned off (meaing users can’t login to it), as a test i sent a message to my account, it brought up the UCP reset password page and let me change the password…

the $password variable holds a message only – not the link to reset it, the $services variable holds the links to all 3 services. As noted, not sure why a link to a web page for “Sangoma Phone Client host” is included, as it errors

this would be nice as they can use the password link is used to set the login password that is used for the SangomaConnect Desktop Application.


its no big deal, I can just note it on the persons onboard document.

You are still not explaining why you want a password reset link for something you have turned off.