Change tool tip info in UCP?

Is there any way to customize the tooltip info on the UCP? I would like to list a set of ring groups in the follow-me tooltip that my users would commonly use as follow-me setting.

No, that’s not editable.

May I ask why you think it’s a good idea to have Follow-Me ring a bunch of Ring Groups?

Sure, we have one ring group that rings phones for our client service team that handles one type of business and another ring group for a service team that handles a different type. If I have a producer that takes a day off we want their phone calls to forward to the service team for the type of business that user is a producer for. I have producers entering incorrect ring groups when they take time off. I figured adding something to the tooltip would be better than a sticky note on their desk.

OK because Follow-Me is a Ring Group since there is no real thing as “Ring Groups” they are just methods in which to call a bunch of devices at once with specific settings.

You just want to watch how deep you go with this and make sure settings are in place so that members of a Ring Group that might have Follow-Me/CF (specially if the FollowMe is to another or the same RG) are checked so you don’t have “collisions” or “looping” of calls.

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