Change "To" field in sip header


what i need to do is change “To” field in sip header.When we doing a registration of sip trunk in one host( lets say ) and we calling out from trunk, then provider expect that “To” field is set to To: sip:[email protected] default it sets to [email protected] ( hostname we register trough ) but i need to send a header that contains with [email protected] glue how to implement this?

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All of the Asterisk peer level parameters can be set in the FreePBX trunk configuration. Several options (depending on Asterisk version) can be set that effect SIP identities.

This is a reference:

The most definitive documentation for your Asterisk version is in the sample sip.conf included with Asterisk.

I can’t find any parameter that will change domain part in “To” field.As i told before that From and To domain fields should be identical.When i set host parameter in trunk to, then header looks good but i need to send sip invite to …

From: “My Name” sip:[email protected] ;tag=as1b161d49
To: sip:[email protected] <- should be [email protected]


So the ‘fromdomain’ parameter did not do what you wanted?

Above example shows that this part of header is correct :slight_smile: From: “My Name” sip:[email protected] ;tag=as1b161d49 <- fromdomain …