Change the Format of VM_CALLERID

Looking for some direction. I have been ask to change the format of the variable VM_CALLERID as it is used in

It currently is formatted into the SMTP header as we would like to add a leading and trailing space inside the brackets so that the IPhone will recognize it as a number and allow a touch to dial function.

If I knew where the Variable was set or what module actually does the sendmail function, I could make the changes.


Everything done by voicemail is coded in app_voicemail.c (part of asterisk). Do you really want to patch app_voicemail.c?

You might also look at your mailer daemon and see if it gives you any options for processing the message before sending it. This is a standard feature for most mailers.

I would NOT change the variable inside the system as it is used for by other things and is formatted properly for all of those things to work.

Instead edit the file and locate the line that starts with emailsubject= and put a space before the variable in question (that’s before the $ in front of the name in question).

Unless I can substring out the variable through a construct in I don’t see what good changing the content of the file will do.

What you are suggesting will not affect the value of <4041231234> other than adding white space before and after the value " <4041231234> " when what I need for the iphone to recognize the number as a phone number “< 4041231234 >” or better strip the <> characters and send just the numerics in email. ." 4041231234 "

So I guess the question is what processes to do the substitution of $VM_CALLERID. PHP, AWK, SED, Application Code ??


phonebuff sorry I misunderstood your initial issue. we have 4 iphone users here and none have complained about the problem, maybe they don’t click on the phone number (or know to do it). But all our palm users don’t have a problem…

I’d take a look at re-processing the files in sendmail or postfix (assuming you are using one of those) as it’s a better solution.

Sasargen is correct that the code that does the making of the messasge is built into asterisk directly so you’d have to create a custom version of the voicemail module which going forward could be a issue of maintaining.