Change the cid of extension sip


I got friends that uses extension has their sip account to make calls. Since I got termination with other companys. The problem I have, is sometime some friend wants to change their caller id when they make a call. One friend has their home phone and sometime wants to make a call like if he was at his work. How can he change his caller id, without me doing it?

Its always showing his extension number. But he wants to change his caller id at will.


Is this a freepbx issue or a asterisk issue? I’ve been looking for the answer of this question for about 6 months. I cannot be the only one with the problem?

FreePBX manages the CID and it is not changeable at will without understanding and changing the way FreePBX does it. We have consciously not put in such a feature because more often then not people are looking to use such a feature for abusive purposes vs. legitimate ones as you are asking about. That continues to be the current consensus. So you will have to modify the program or write your own feature code yourself to accomplish that.