Change SIP NOTIFY MWI messsage

Hi All,

So what I trying to do is format my SIP Notify messages so that I can remove “transport=TCP” so that it will work with my some of my Avaya phones.

Essentially instead of displaying like this:

Message-Account: sip: [email protected];transport=TCP

I need it to be like this:

Message-Account: sip: [email protected];

I have seen a post about opensips and configuring that to change notify messages but I’m no expert with that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I thought about also using the externnotify and write a script but again I would need a bit of help figuring that out as well.

I’m running FreePBX


That’s deep Asterisk stuff - you should probably ask over at the Asterisk forums.

Not saying no one here might be able to help, but this is the “FreePBX” forum.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the suggestion, yup you are correct I know there are some limitations to what can be done in freepbx without recompiling the whole thing again. I know there are some pretty knowledgeable people here as you mentioned., so worth a try. I’ll post up in the asterisk forum as well.