Change Server IP address after deployment

I have a server that has been deployed and have phones connected to that server. The server has a static IP address that each phone has programmed to see as the SIP server. The IT staff want to change the server IP address to a new one in a VLAN specifically for the phones. If I change the Server IP address do I need to “touch” each phone to update the IP or is there a way that I can push it out to them. I do not have the phones setup in endpoint manager but do own the paid module. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

What make and model are the phones? Are they compatible with TFTP?

If the phones are programmed to connect to fully-qualified domain names (e.g. “” rather than IP numbers, then all you should have to do is change the hostname to IP mapping at the name server, then wait a day or so for the changes to propagate. I didn’t do that, either, and now I’m facing the same problem you are, if and when we need to change the IP of the PBX server.