Change RTP port


This is my first post in this community. I have installed FreePBX in two labs.

I have a question re RTP ports. I read a wiki that the ports can be changed in /etc/asterisk/rtp_additional.conf.
There are two entries for start and end. I changed the ports since I don’t need so much ports, but to a value still within the 10000 - 20000 range.

In WebGUI under Asterisk sip settings under RTP port ranges I can make the change too. Where should I make the change? I noticed when I make the change directly in the conf file it is not changed in the WebGUI.


[quote=“Fafa24, post:1, topic:45078”]
I read a wiki that the ports can be changed in /etc/asterisk/rtp_additional.conf[/quote]

Did you read this in the FreePBX wiki, if so provide a link please. Did you notice the topmost lines in this file?

I’m not able to publish a link here as a new user. It was in the WIKI title
Using a Remote Extension with FreePBX/Asterisk

Yes I read the topmost line. It said DO NOT EDIT this file.