Change privacy manager behaviour


I have privacy manager enabled but at the moment it requires a user to enter in 11 numbers to continue.

What I want to be able to do is if a call comes in from a private number, a message is played to say “press 1 to continue”, instead of requesting the caller to put their number in.

Does anyone know how to handle calls based on the incoming call number.


use an ivr

How do I do that? I have been trying most of the evening and I’m not sure how I do the logic wherby if caller is coming from private then play this message.

in the caller ID field put whatever your provider sends “unknown” or “blocked”


In the “inbound route” when I type “pstn” in the “CallerID Number” field it wont accept it, as it needs a number.

Would i need to use a module to re write the “pstn” to a number?