Change privacy manager behavior

Dear support,
I’m trying to have my Privacy Manager redirect to an IVR. I have 3 trunks where 2 of them are activated with a privacy manager. I would like to have two different announcements for the 2 trunks. One is private one is business. Unfortunately the privacy manager only supports on and off without customization of it. My old Trixbox would do that without problems (never understood why it worked).
So goal is to have someone calling to my business trunk without a number (hidden number) and send this anonymous number to an announcement or IVR. The second private trunk should do the same but with a different announcement or IVR.
I have spend hours to find out in which config the Privacy Manager is configured so I could re-write it to do what I want.
Can someone point me into the right direction?
My version is FreePBX
Thanx in advance for any help,

You know we aren’t “support”, right? We’re all here helping each other.

Privacy Manager is not a “trunk” option - it’s an inbound route option. As such, it’s tied to a specific inbound number. Your trunks connect your PBX to the world - the inbound route function provides the direction of where the inbound call will go. If you enable Privacy Manager for a route, the caller has to enter a “reasonably valid” caller ID number to proceed. If they don’t, they will get dropped.

Now, it sounds like you want a more surgical tool.

I think you will find that setting up two inbound routes per number (one with a Caller ID set to the special value that equates to “unknown” that I can’t remember right now) and one without. In this case, do NOT set the “CID Priority Route” flag, as this will snag any unknown number and route it - leave the inbound DID (your number) set.

With the “CID Unknown” setting turned on, the call will be routed to one place (your announcement or IVR) and the other can point to a different announcement or IVR.

Do this for both of your inbound DID numbers (two inbounds, one ‘unknown’ and the other blank) and you should be able to carve this up pretty handily.

Dear Dave,

Many thanks for your response. I am aware that this is not support but for me the community is. :slight_smile:

I have not found the time to test the settings but I’m very grateful for your response. Thank you so much. I also know that a trunk is not an inbound route. Just wanted to make sure that it is clear that I do have 3 trunks and only need two of them configured for inbound routing.

So I will try to make this operational and come back here as soon as possible to post the steps en config files.

Again, many thanks for you kind (support) reply.



Dear Dave,

you put me into the right direction, but I still don’t get it to work. I tried a different DID (my mobile phone) and redirected it to an announcement. That worked, meaning your description is working. Nevertheless not for unknown numbers. I tried, unknown, hidden, private, 0000000000, restricted … no luck so far. There has to be a code my provider is sending for unknown callers, but I’m currently not able to find it.

If someone has any idea what it could be, please post it so I’m cant put this to the test. Country is NL provider is Solcon. Any input is very much appreciated .

Many thanks,


*** WORKING ****

I finally got it to work! As Dave suggested you probably have setup one or more inbound routes from your trunk. In my case I had 3 numbers and 3 inbound routs pointing to different inbound numbers. So keep your settings as they are and add an additional inbound rout wit CallerID Number “anonymous”. You than are able -for your DID numbers- to forward blocked caller ID’s to any number, announcement or IVR you want to configure.

Please note that your provider could use a different CallerID Number for blocked numbers. Try any of these

No Caller ID

or any thing like this in your language.

In my case I also have friends calling with hidden numbers and I was looking for a way to let them through. Since you can not filter there call as it is anonymous, I had to come up with an IVR. So any known number is send to my IVR anyway, but blocked numbers have a special IVR. This IVR says that there number is not being recognized and I send them right to voicemail to identify them selfs and leaf their number. If they don’t, I don’t call back! If they do you have the chance to identify who called and if you like to call them back. Believe met that up to today, no one has ever left a message and I do have a lot of calls. So telemarketers goodbye.

Now if your friends are calling, they come out on the same IVR, but they have time to put in a number (extension) I gave them, to reach me anyway. In this way you are able to let your friends and family call you with hidden numbers and give them a chance to reach you.

Hope this will help you to block any anonymous callers and let the good ones through :slight_smile:

Again many thanks for pointing me into the right direction Dave!