Change outgoing email port/settings not being applied

this is driving me crazy! I had email working fine then the isp decided to block port 25. shouldn’t be much of an issue just change the port but no go… we are using office365 and the default office365 settings in system admin seem to use port 25 so I changed to other and set but if i click debut teh log shows it still sending to :25 and connection refused.

I did find in the documentation that adding :port should work but I sure cant get it to.

Nov  7 20:55:46 freepbx postfix/smtp[1847]: connect to[]:25: Connection refused

any help would be great!!

freepbx: 10.13.66-17

edit: if i telnet to port 25 it fails as well if I telnet to 587 it works fine.

and unfortunately it gets worse, trying to use a different server other than office365 does not change any settings. I set it to use a smtp server i control and the logs still show it trying the gui shows the new settings but apparently they will not apply. even setting use built in smtp server teh logs show it trying to connect to