Change of ISP

We have changed our ISP and now cannot get calls to route out through that line, it is all failing over to our backup line.

any thoughts?

IP mismatch probably

Thats what i thought, but i don’t know where to find the IP

How is your VoIP provider authenticating your calls? If by IP, you need to update your VoIP settings on whatever control panel they provide.

You can find your IP as well as some other info by going to You can also often simply type the words: what is my ip directly into your search engine and get a direct answer.

As mentioned by arielgrin check with your VoIP provider to see if they are authenticating/directing calls based on IP address. If they are then simply update them.

One other possibility is that with your new ISP you have a new router and may not have the ports set up properly on the new router.

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