Change of destination in inbound route does not take effect

I run freepbx 12 / Asterisk 13 on a debian wheezy box and had been working well for some time.

But when I recently tried to change the ‘set destination’ of a working inbound route to a working IVR or another registered extension, it did not take effect - meaning that the the inbound calls continued going to the previous destination, even though the set destination on the inbound route is now different.

Any help will be appreciated.

Did you press “apply config”

Yes I did. I even re-loaded from the command prompt: amportal a reload.

I checked to see appropriate file ownerships by apache2 asterisk - user and group

You might try checking your *custom.conf files in /etc/asterisk…

Is there anything in particular I should be looking for in *custom.conf files in /etc/asterisk…

Sounds like you have a different inbound route being applied rather than the one being edited?

A clean installation of Asterisk should see those files empty. If there are entries there, then someone has essentially been overriding what FreePBX is doing in the GUI. I would try backing up those files, and then emptying them and restarting asterisk to see what happens. If your route works at that point, then something in those customizations is overriding what you’re putting into the GUI.

One issue I omitted to mention, but which now appears very relevant is that I recently uninstalled asterisk 12 and upgraded to 13 while leaving freepbx intact.

It appears freepbx GUI may be updating the old asterisk extension files - but how do I deal with this?

The files should be the same, but you probably want to make sure you upgrade all of the FreePBX modules to the most current code. If this is the FreePBX distro, you should use the asterisk-switch-version command to make sure everything gets wired up appropriately.