Change Music on hold with feature code

I want to change music on hold through Feature Code.
Scenario is that I have a queue and default music on hold is applied but I want to change Music on hold on break time like when no one is available “No one is available Please Call Later”.
Is this possible, expert suggestion required.

Not the way you are describing it.

I’d set up a Call Flow (with a feature code) that routes calls to an announcement when it is active and to the IVR/Queue when it is inactive.

This is exactly how i deploy the above scenario.

Use call flow control and a change the route from your queue on green but announcement on red. You can then send it back to IVR or voicemail wherever you want.

Trying Once Again
I m using queue (711) with the option queue no answer.
Inbound Calls directly land on queue (711) and caller listening Music on Hold Class (123)
Now i want to change Music on Hold Class (123) to (456) through feature code.
Need to change MOH specifically.

Once again, you cant. You need to modify the queue config to do so and that requires the GUI and an Apply Config

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