Change language on FreePBX 13


I’m newbie in Freepbx, I downloaded Freepbx 13 and I want to change sound language to spanish.

Accoring to freepbx wiki to download a sound package I have to go to: “Admin–> Sound Language–>Language Pack”

When I go to “Admin–> Sound Language–>Language Pack” and click on “Language Pack” I see nothing, freepbx doesn´t show any information.

another question: I installed asterisk on debian and I could download packages (language) using
wget and ithe download link

please, Can I download and installed packages via console? Or just via web on" Admin–> Sound Language–>Language Pack"

Thanks in advance!!

Hi, I could install spanish language, The problem was that I haven’t set DNS when I did the Freepbx installation, I could download spanish language package, from “admin–>Language Sounds”, but this package doesn’t have all spanish prompts, so, I downloaded spanish prompts and moved original spanish (es) folder and created a new spanish folder (es) and copied the prompts that I downloaed and now It’s working