Change language of conference module

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Hi Iftsy and community,

I have created conference rooms but the initial PIN message is still in English. I have my FreePBX setttings with default language Brazilian Portuguese, language files loaded and all. My Admin is in Portuguese and some of the messages are ok. However, the conference room initial message is still in English.

Reading through the forums, I found a topic closed in 2014 where Iftsy shows a patch to enable language selection for conferences.

I am trying to apply this patch but I am sorry, I am not an advanced user. Has anyone used this patch and could anyone send me the two files with the changes? I think I need to insert that code in the lines indicated, but I am not sure if that is what I need to do. I have created the new column in the meetme table and now I need to change the code.

Conference module version 12.0.21
FreePBX version

Any help will be appreciated.

This is fixed in freepbx 13. You can select and change the language per conference

Cool! So all I need to do is upgrade!!!

Thank you Andrew.