Change inbound/outbound

I have been asked by our trunk provider to change our sip binding to one of their other servers in order for them to troubleshoot an call quailty issue. I am just wondering what are the implications of changing this during up hours. IE: Do I just need to change the fromdomain, and host settings on both inbound and outbound? If I make the change will a reboot on the server be required or I make the change, apply and click submit all should be good.

I ask because I have never had to do this and do not want to have to reboot server in the middle of the day.

Running Asterisk Free pbx 13.

I wouldn’t do it that way. I’d add a new trunk and just reload Asterisk. Once you have the trunk added, you can point your existing outbound trunks so use it. Once you have that working, you can go into the old trunk and “disable” it. This shouldn’t kill in-process calls, but should route any new outbound calls to the new trunk.

On your inbound trunk, you should just add the new trunk and set it up. Once the provider starts using that trunk instead of the other, you can disable it in the GUI.

Thanks for the info. I am new to this and really dont want to bring the system down. I have created a new trunk and adjusted the sip setting to point to the new host ip address. I have not yet clicked the “Apply Config”.

You are saying at this point once I click click the apply config asterisk will start using the new trunk and existing calls will not be dropped? Will that switch all inbound calls through the new route as well?

Thanks for you help.

As long as you don’t restart Asterisk or remove the old trunk - yeah.

All inbound trunks are routed to all inbound routes, so having the new inbound trunk will work. It’s up to your provider to send the calls from the server, so you don’t really get a vote except for making the new trunk available to your system.

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