Change in follow-me causing multiple lines to ring?

I did several module updates this week as they became available so I’m not sure which one made the change. However since doing the updates incoming calls now result in multiple lines ringing with that incoming call to a number with Follow-me active.

Here are the details: If follow-me is active with RingallV2 and the extension itself is NOT listed in the follow-me group the extension rings once. The other numbers in the group ring as expected.

If follow-me is on and the extension IS listed in the follow-me group, TWO incoming calls come to the extension and BOTH continue to ring until answered. The other numbers in the group ring as expected. In the past, only one line would ring on the extension, not two.

FreePBX All modules are running the most current version available.

No one else is seeing this problem now? We have both Grandstream and Sangoma phones and it happens with both so I don’t think it’s a phone issue. Besides, the phone firmware didn’t change. Only the FreePBX modules were updated.

The RingallV2 claims it will ring the extension for the duration set in Initial Ring Time (which can be set to 0 to bypass), and then, while continuing to call to extension, ring the Follow-me list for the duration of the set in Ring Time. But this is no longer what’s happening. It now rings BOTH the extension, plus the extension again listed in the follow-me list resulting in two incoming lines on the phone. However if you remove the extension listing, the extension doesn’t ring more than one time.

I don’t have anything set up where that would be a problem like this. Having said that, we have seen a lot of messages (and I assume tickets) complaining about the way the Ringallv2 performs.

It’s also possible that the guys have figured out a way to improve the Ringallv2 sequence so that it manages to ring the phone once before the ‘0’ timeout expires.

It’s been almost a week - maybe you should submit a ticket on this as you were surprised by the change.

Ticket submitted. Thanks. The phone doesn’t ring just once before the 0 timeout. It continues to ring multiple lines on the extension until it’s answered or goes to VM. Plus, if you try to answer the extension that’s ringing you get a 3rd line instead (dial tone). You must hang up on the third line then manually select one of the other ringing lines to answer. All of this is new behavior and not at all what the description of RingallV2 describes.

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We are also experiencing the same problem as noticed when we recently updated a number of outstanding modules so not sure what affected this change. As the original poster mentions the problem appears to be with Find Me / Follow Me active on an extension with the RingallV2 selected option.

We have both Grandstream & Snom phones as well as soft phone clients (Bria App) and all are experiencing the same problems.

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Can you please share the Ticket number? This will help future reference.

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Jerry’s ticket was a duplicate of this one:

Marked as fixed in core v13.0.120.11 and v14.0.1.7

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I haven’t seen an update to the module available since I posted. I’m running FreePBX and the problem exists in that version. I just did a check and there’s no module update available.

My ticket, which they said was a duplicate problem report, was FREEPBX-15705

The ticket is marked as having passed QA, what version of core are you testing with?

I just have my live system with FreePBX
Follow me Module

fwconsole ma list | grep core

| core | | Enabled | GPLv3+ |

As noted, the fix is in core v13.0.120.11. You can upgrade from edge using:

fwconsole ma upgrade --edge core

At what point would a fix like this be pushed out to the general user? I always do my module updates thinking that’s keeping me current but clearly, it’s not.

When it moves from QA Pass to Published.

It’s keeping you current to stable.