Change how confirm calls works?

Is this possible? I like confirm calls because I can have the inbound caller ID show my office, then press 3 to hear the caller ID of the person calling. The only thing is it’s time consuming to answer the call, press 3 to hear the caller ID wait and then press 1 to answer.

Is there any way to change it so that when I answer the call it just reads the caller ID immediately and then I can press 1 to accept right there?

Or an even better option, I know I can prefix the caller ID name but that doesn’t help on a cell phone. If I have it show the actual caller ID of the person, is there any way to have it lets say for example the number calling is 416-123-1234 have it show 9-416-123-1234 or something like that so that I know when it starts with a 9 it’s a follow me call?

manipulating the CID to non-standard CIDs often has issues with various carriers since not all carriers will show non-standard numbers.

Having it immediately include the CID in the default incoming call is not a bad idea though. Feel free to add the feature request so we don’t lose the idea.

one issue that comes to mind now that i just glanced at the confirm code and triggered my memory.

Reading the CID as part of the initial message could be a bit of a challenge. The SayDigits() application is not ‘interruptible’ like the Read() application is.

In 1.4, the Read application also only takes a single file name. Starting on 1.6 we could probably ‘jump through hoops’ to compose the CID out of digit filenames and then use the Read() command which can then take multiple files but this can be a bit tedious to do and again doesn’t help with 1.4 and earlier.

The issue with not being interruptible is that one often wants to immediately accept the call in many cases and not be forced to wait through a message or part of a message.

Just some thoughts on the challenges of doing this, it’s still a good idea.