Change FreePBX gui

Dear all,

I am having a question about the FreePBX gui.

We would like users to be able to add/change simple things, like adding an extension or change a existing extension.
Therefore we are looking into options how to achieve this.

One option could be to adjust the existing FreePBX gui.
Question is wether it’s possible to adjust the FreePBX gui.
I’ve read it’s possible to change the colors and fonts, but this would be of course a complete different story.
From what I’ve read it’s not a good idea to create a separate gui besides FreePBX.

Can somebody help me out on this ?


Nobody who has made changes to the FreePBX gui before ?

Also, can FreePBX co-exist with another (simplified) web-interface ?


Take a look at the Administrators page. You can create additional admin accounts and limit what they can change.



We indeed use this functionality for give users access to the phonebook etc, however we don’t think it’s ideal for adding extensions by users.


Not really, as FreePBX Re-Writes the major Conf Files. hence the reason for using *_custom.conf for hand edits.

The key here is this… “simple” things like adding user extensions isn’t necessarily simple. all the extension parameters need to be set, a strong secret, find me follow me, voicemail, and a phone provisioned. If you feel comfortable training an end user to do these things, you can train them to use the current web interface. if not, then your should be handling these adds.

If you want to create another web page you need to use the API for creating extensions.

Hi SkykingOH,

Thanks, can you please explain ?

Do you mean ?