Change FMFM Via The Phone - Maybe Dynamic Routes?


On FreePBX 16, we have a call center using PSTN (Required).

I want to create a way to clear the FMFM list and add a new (user input) number to the FMFM. This will allow the end users to change their FMFM number without needing the help of an admin. This will allow end users to take calls at different numbers as they move around.

The first part of the dial plan I have changes their callerID to their FreePBX extension

Think I want to use dynamic routes with the GraphQL API for follow me, using my callerID (extension), and collect a 10 digit variable from the caller to replace the follow me list.

I am totally out of my element here, and am not sure it is possible, but excited to potentially try dynamic routes for the first time!

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