Change file conf-getpin to silence 2

Hi everyone, I changed the file

var / lib / asterisk / sound / en / conf-getpin

with the file

var / asterisk / sounds / silence2

reversing the names and positions, so when the entry should begin: “Please enter conference pin” should not be heard. But it does not work, you still hear the input pin of the request entry. Beyond belief! Where does the audio file take?
Then I tried to delete the file var / lib / asterisk / sound / it / conf-getpin, but still nothing, the voice remains.

On a default system, you should have several files in
named e.g.

If you just delete the file that would normally play, Asterisk tries to be clever and plays a different format, transcoding it on the fly.

So, if you want to replace a file, be certain that it is in the correct format and has the correct name, including the extension.

The log will tell you what file is actually being played.

I don’t know whether this may be version related, but my system running Conferences prompts “Please enter the conference PIN number.”

If your system is prompting “Please enter conference PIN” by playing a different file, check the log to find out which one to replace. The entry should contain e.g.
Playing 'enter-conf-pin-number.ulaw' (language 'en')

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