Change extension number

Is there any way to change the number of a current extension?
I am using FreePBX with PBX-in-a Flash.

From the GUI I’ve always just deleted then re-configured them with the new extension number. The GUI dynamically generates them and writes to /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf so I’d assume that editing this manually would just result in the changes being overwritten next time you generate the config.

If for some reason you’re really opposed to re-entering the configuration by hand, you could always use the third-party Bulk Extensions module. Export your current extensions, use a text editor (that doesn’t change the line endings) or CSV editor to remove all lines except the header and the extension(s) you wish to renumber, change “edit” to “add” and change the extension number(s), add new line(s) at the top of the file (just below the header) in the form del,old_extension_number (see the sample template in the bulk extensions module) to remove the existing extensions before adding the new ones, save the file, and import it back into Bulk Extensions and let that module do its magic. Then check each extension to make sure no field were missed (as would probably only happen if you were using another third-party module that adds fields to each extension’s configuration).

Yes, there ought to be an easier way, but then again, remember that when you renumber an extension in FreePBX you probably also have to reconfigure the actual endpoint.