Change extension in endpoint manager (reassigning a phone)

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I’m setting up a batch of new Sangoma P315s and P310s with the free version of endpoint manager (as supported), and ran into an issue with what I expected to be the easy task of reassigning a phone to use a different extension. The phones work fine, but when I want to reassign a phone to be used by someone else, I run into an issue.

I tried navigating to the extension mapping tab within endpoint manager, pressing the pencil icon next to the phone I’d like to reassign, and choosing a different extension in the edit menu that pops up. This however doesn’t work, as when I save, I get the error: “Selected account [‘accout1’] and mac [‘xxxxxxxx’] is already associated with an extension…”

Is there any way to reassign an existing phone managed from the endpoint manager without deleting and replacing it?


(Kapil Gupta) #2

Hi, @wbicks This is a known issue and we are working on it. As of now delete and adding a new one is possible the best option.

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