Change dialled number to another



I want when users dial 117, that the number that is sent to the Trunk become 117239.
How could this be possible?
Using outbound routes, i could do it for the prefix, but what i need is the other side, to add numbers and not remove them.

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(Daniel Friedman) #3

Hello @jasb,

You can do that in the outbound routes. Add the 117 as a prefix and 117239 as a suffix. In the dial pattern add X.
Here is a screenshot:

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Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

Daniel’s method is half right. You must leave the final X. field empty.


Unless you mean e.g. when 117456 is dialed 117239456 is sent, leave the match pattern blank.


@danielf perfect, worked, without the “X.” as @lgaetz said.

Thank you all!

(Daniel Friedman) #7

Hello @lgaetz, @Stewart1

Nice catch, I missed the part that it is a 6 digit pattern. Usually, I do manipulation like that in a separate context and not in the outbound routes module.

Something like that:

exten => 117,1,Log(NOTICE, Adding 239 digits to 117 dial pattern)
same => n,Goto(from-internal,117239,1)

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Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.