Change dial tone

hi, recently put in freePBX and trying to add the few good features of our old PBX.

i’m wondering how to set distinct ring tones for internal & external calls (which have short ring and dial tones) and for external calls (longer ring and dial tones) does somebody know how to achieve this? TIA

That would be the task of the phones, not the pbx. There is a way to send something like the dial tone with early media, but I have never seen a system that uses it.

What phones using?

I have some Astra/Mitel 6869i phones that I am using, as well as a grandstream wifi phone.

In the Advanced Settings page in FreePBX there is an option called “Internal Alert Info” I have mine set to which gives the short double ring on internal calls. Some phones support this and some do not so it really just depends on the make and model you are using.

Finally, there is also an alert info setting for blind and attended transfers. I have blind transfers set to so users know when it is a transferred call.

SIP phones always do on hook dialling. Even if they handset is actually lifted and presenting dial tone, they don’t interact with the PABX until they think the number has been completely dialled.

Not always - this feature is called “overlapped dialing” (RFC 3578 - Mapping of Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) User Part (ISUP) Overlap Signalling to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)) and is used e.g. to reduce call setup time.

But there are better ideas than overlap dialing. This used to play a certain role, since switching could already take place during dialing. Ultimately, it has a major influence on the design of the dialplan, because it is not the number but the dialing path that counts. With overlap dialing, it becomes difficult to distinguish between 10, 100 and 1000, and when the waiting time becomes too long or is no longer expected, it will drive customers up the wall.

With overlap dialling, dialtone is broken after the first digit. It would be very unusual to configure a SIP phone for hotline operation, for this purpose.

Even 30+ years ago, the UK public network wouldn’t actually forward the number until it reached the minimum length for the destination area code, and a four second timeout or the maximum number length for the destination was reached. It used to be useful to overdial loop disconnect 1s to get a faster connection. I can’t imagine there are many networks that now take real advantage of overlap dialling.

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