Change Default location of the call recordings

Please assist, I know some of you might link me to a directions booklet or manuals, those dont help. I have a taken over 1 month creating this system and now i just would LOVE someone to just tell me like i am 3 years old.

I am using a centos 5 system with asterisk now. it is working great. I have configured it for call monitoring and i can see the recorded calls on the users extension monitor page.

the main drive is very limited with space, so we added a external usb 2 terabyte drive.

my question is, how do i configure the system to point the /var/spool/asterisk/monitor location to the new volume? if i try and perform a mount, i get a error. so that will not work.

thank you all so much! I am very linux “burnt out”…

There is no easy instructions as you don’t know what the mount point is of the USB drive. Just like in Windows, CentOS assigns the mount point based on the driver name and device name.

There are many guides on using USB drives and Linux on the net (sorry).

Once you have it mounted you need to chown the directory to the asterisk user.

Then simply change the recordings directory in the system option page.