Change default extension add behavior


I am trying to figure out on FreePBX as well as on the “Trixbox version” of it, how to change the default extension behavior when adding extensions. I need to have it such that in the device options by default it sets “Nat=No” and Qualify=No … by default these are yes, and it is screwing up the whole system. We have different admins who add extensions and always forget to change these settings manually and thus have phones that don’t work.

Is there a way to change that behavior? I checked through all the files i could find, but nothing referencing this.

Please let me know


there is no configurable way, you would have to patch core’s which does get replaced any time you update the core module.

Thanks… that seemed to have worked. Now we just need to figure a way out how to make that permanent as you mentioned, like through a external globals file or so.