Change CID for Queue calls

I am setting up a queue for our after hours emergency service calls. What happens is if someone calls when we are closed they get trasfered to an IVR where they have an option of leaving a message or to initiate an emergency call. I currently have the emergency call setup using a ring group and have the extensions to all our cell phones in this ring group. The only problem with this is that if no one picks up the cell phone during this time they will be transferred to one of our cell phones’ voicemail. What I want it to do is try calling for 15 seconds, wait for 5 and then call for 15 seconds and have this continue until someone picks up. I have it working fine with the queue but the only problem is I would like to change the outgoing CID so that I know if it is an emergency call instead of just a normal call. Is this possible? I was able to do it using the ring groups but do not see that option in the Queue.


Try to use a special outbound route for emergencies that’s not the same outbound dialing pattern as the normal call. In there, set the emergency number.

Use that pattern in the list of numbers to dial in your queue. E.g if you dial wiht a 9 for outgoing call in normal circumstances, this could be 9*…and it will now use the new outbound route wiht new CID.

I tried creating the new outbound route with the custom CID but it appears that the queue CID still overrides this. I tried manually dialing the number and it alters the cid just fine so that part seems to be working. Any other ideas or am I just doing something wrong?