Change CallerID from incoming trunk, forwarded to Outbound route Trunk

Hi, I am trying to get the following setup, with follow-me.

I have a trunk, which has an incoming call, with the incoming caller ID being displayed as 0346-123456 instead of 31346123456 which is required by my trunk provider to display the caller ID outside of the call.

dit: sip:[email protected] bij from moet 31346123456 zijn. Dan zou het goed moeten gaan.
Je displayname staat wel als 31346744040 alleen je number niet.

So the question is, how do I change the incoming displayed / registred callerID number from 0346123456 to 31346123456 in Asterisk / FreePBX?

sip:[email protected]

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If you are talking strictly about the CID, create a new context in extensions_custom.conf using the *e164* context from extensions.conf. You can manipulated the inbound caller ID to your heart’s content that way.

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I would like to know more on how to exactly do this, :slight_smile:

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