Change Caller ID for Page Groups

when someone pages, it uses there extension numebr as caller ID. this would be fine but we have users who then call back the extension thinking they where just trying to call.

is there any way to set the caller ID to the Page group number or just something random like extension 1000.

I know pagepro has something like this but I want to do it without as I am using pure asterisk in HA

Did you try paging through the Caller ID module? I’d think that would be the first place to try.

I don’t have caller ID Module. this is Pure Asterisk. I only use this forum as this is where all the Asterisk gods hang out.

I was hoping someone could help me modify the current page group as I don’t quite understand how to go from it grabbing the extension number to just telling it what caller ID to use and I can’t find a valid example online.

this is a test page group. you can see it pulls user-called. I want to just set it to "PAGING 306)

exten => 306,1,Macro(user-callerid,)
exten => 306,n,Set(_PAGEGROUP=306)
exten => 306,n(busy-check),GotoIf($[${TRYLOCK(apppagegroups306)}]?:busy)
exten => 306,n(devstate),Set(DEVICE_STATE(Custom:PAGE306)=INUSE)
exten => 306,n,Answer
exten => 306,n,Gosub(app-paging,ssetup,1())
exten => 306,n,Set(PAGEMODE=PAGE)
exten => 306,n,Set(PAGE_MEMBERS=145)
exten => 306,n,Set(PAGE_CONF_OPTS=1dqsxm)
exten => 306,n(agi),AGI(page.agi)
exten => 306,n(page),MeetMe(${PAGE_CONF},dqwxAG,)
exten => 306,n,Hangup
exten => 306,n(busy),Set(PAGE${PAGEGROUP}BUSY=TRUE)
exten => 306,n(play-busy),Busy(3)
exten => 306,n(busy-hang),Goto(app-pagegroups,h,1)

OK - since this isn’t a FreePBX installation (which would make this trivial), here’s your homework.

  • Find “macro-user-callerid” in the code. I’m gonna guess it’s probably in extensions.conf, but use grep to find it.
  • Look at the code in the context and see what Caller ID related variables it is setting.
  • Create a new context called “macro-page-callerid”
  • Set up the macro so that, instead of copying the information from the Asterisk database entries, you just set it using strings (or whatever flavor of data you want to use).
  • Change 306.1.Macro() line to use “page-callerid,” instead of “user-callerid,”

thanks for the info. I got it working.

found macro-user-called and changed it to Set(CALLERID(all)=“PAGING” <>)

however, if I was to do this in FreePBX I know it would overwrite it when updating the GUI. can page groups exist in both extentions.conf and extentions_custom.conf? not the same page group but say I make one in extentions_custom.conf then later make one with the FreePBX GUI both places would define [app-pagegroups]. does one supersede the other or do they both get added.

I only ask as most my installations are FreePBX or Elastix and not custom pure asterisk HA installations and it makes sense not to have paging coming from the extension as it just looks like the user called you. normally we do small businesses with less than 10 employees but this page group alone is about 60 extensions and almost every page the person page gets a call or 2 back asking what they wanted.

You can put the entire context in the extensions_override_freepbx.conf (check the name) and have it loaded that way, or you might be able to use a macro-callerid-custom-user section to add it to.