Change call recordings freepbx high availability to network storatge

I have a 2 node HA Freepbx commerical setup. I need some suggestions on how to change the call recording location from /var/spool/asterisk to a network location. Anyone have any suggestions? I know I can modifiy the ASTSPOOLDIR under settings / advanced. Thanks in advance.


could i use a nfs share? how would that effect my ha nodes?


Wouldn’t an nfs share totally defeat the concept of HA? it would be your new “Single Point of Failure” when it went stale or disappeared. You could wrap nfs up perhaps in another HA aware layer like glusterfs or something under iscsi but you probably just need to explain why your current drdb mount doesn’t work for you to find a work-around.

I should be asking what do you want to achieve? Do you want to have an easy way to access them from other machines? (Samba/Nfs)? Do you want to have a second copy of them (rsync across to a different machine?)

We need to be able to access them from another machine. So I setup a nfs
share then from another linux box I connected to that nfs share and then
I’m sharing with samba to other clients. Seems a little crazy but its
working. Any better suggestions?


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I’d just run samba on (both) HA nodes… As long as you connect to the floating IP address, you’ll connect to the correct samba.