Change call recording path?

I feel embarrassed making this post, but after Googling around for hours, I still can’t find the answer to this which really baffles me in and of itself. (usually I’m pretty good at Googling.)

Can anyone tell me what and where the .conf file is for changing the directory where recorded calls go to? Right now they go to the monitor folder, but I have mounted a folder to a NAS that I would like to use instead.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:



that will include your voicemails of course, be careful that your mount point stays mounted, cifs mounts (windows/samba) are notoriously bad for breaking and stopping asterisk in it’s tracks.

Besides where dicko mention, if you wanna do it in FPBX, in FreePBX 2.11 (or probably even 2.10), in Advance Settings, there’s a field called: Override Call Recording Location.

Permission is always very important, otherwise nothing gets written into that dir.

U can try there too…