Change Brand Variable In User Management Module

Hi there

I would like to know where I change the brand variable in the “User Management Module” settings which is at the bottom of this guide:

At the moment, when a new user is created and the details are emailed to the new user, the brand just shows as “FreePBX” at the bottom of the email and in the email subject. I would like to change this to our company name “XYZ Company Limited”

How would I go about doing this?



I’m not sure you can change the variable, but can you not just hard code your company name in place of the ${brand} placeholder?

The “brand” variable is set someplace - it has the value “FreePBX”. Theoretically, it should be modifiable without having to modify the text of the new user email. We’ve talked about the branding code before, and I’m pretty sure you guys can set it to something else. I’d think that there are a couple of places where Branding code should exist, like in the top-of-page icon and on the favicon.ico file.

@senate014 Look in the Advanced Settings and see if it’s there. You’ll want to turn on all of the options (Read Only, etc,) and see if the Brand Variable gets set there. If course, Lorne is right, in that you may change the text of all of the email notification files to reflect your company and particulars, but I agree that being able to set the “Branding” stuff would be a great help.

User Manager: Email Settings:

Your %brand% Account

This variable says PBXACT when sent from a licenced PBXact system so I’m sure that it can be changed somewhere.

Lorne, care to shed some light?