Change Admin password through Web GUI

I feel super dumb. I am wanting to change the password for the admin user in the Web GUI and just keep hitting dead ends.

To be clear, I currently know what the password is and I am able to log in to the GUI just fine but I don’t know where to go to change it. I don’t need to forcibly reset it in the CLI.

Neither Admin -> Administrators nor Admin -> User Manager have the admin account listed for us to be able to change the password.

To confuse me even more under User Manager I don’t see how to crate a new user. I can create a new admin user account under Admin -> Administrators but right after I create it the account goes into the ether and I don’t seem to be able to edit it further (I can log in to the GUI with it just fine though).


Hi Igor:

Select a directory first and it will give you the button to create a user.

The ether in this case is the hamburger menu at the far right which is collapsed by default.

Jeez I knew I was missing something in the Administrators menu.

However I don’t see a hamburger menu in user manager nor do I see an option to create a user when I select a directory. Do I not have something enabled for user manager to work correctly?

ahem …

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Ok. I am done with this week.

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