Chang Outgoing CallerID According to Number Prefix

I tried looking for this before making new topic, but didn't find something.

I would like to know what is the best way, to change the CallerID of an outgoing call, accordint to the number prefix that is being dialed by the extension.

So if Country A country code is being dialed, to use Country A's callerID, and if Country B country code is being dialed, to use Country B's callerID.

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With the caveat that I’m a freepbx noob, I can say what seems to be working for us is to have a single trunk with multiple outbound routes. Set each route with the appropriate dial pattern and CID, then sort them so you have a fallback route.

Issues I ran in to were that the Trunk setup initially had the CID hardcoded as the “fromuser” option (instead of just the “Outbound CallerID” field). Then later I found out that all my routes had to have the CID filled in now.

I’ll admit that right now the DISA feature doesn’t seem to be obeying this setup and needed to be hardcoded CID-wise, but I have a question pending here that I’m hoping will fix that up.

It looks like this isn’t working 100% for us, actually. Since the trunk isn’t clobbering the outbound CID, anyone trying to dial an extension that is actually a cell phone (custom technology, dial: Local/[email protected]) gets rejected since the user’s inbound CID gets used as the outbound CID, which our provider then rejects. :frowning: