Chan_UNIStim Driver

I believe the Chan_UNIStim driver is part of Asterisk 11, yet can’t locate it. Can someone please confirm what the path / directory is? If it’s not installed can a module be created to upload it? It has been part of Asterisk since 1.6.

I know it is part of the distro. Did you configure by hand ? If you did, then you will need to rebuild asterisk with that support.

We need more information.

If you have the distro, what version do you have ? etc.

Where do I find the distro version?
I haven’t configured by hand as I don’t know where to look. What directory should I look in?
Asterisk (Ver. 10.12.0) - from the report page.
I can’t check for a module up date for the channel driver as I get this warning (maybe unrelated).
Warning: Error retrieving updates from online repository(s) (, Online modules are not available.