Chan spy

I want to give team leaders the ability to listen into the calls of their team members. right now the chanspy functionality allows everyone to listen in to anyone, so i disabled it.

what i would like is for certain members to be able to listen to other people’s conversations, e.g. 1322 can listen to 1321, 1323, 1324, 1325, 1326, 1327, and NOT to anyone else.
1803 can listen to 2601-2606 and none else.

is that possible?

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This is not possible with FreePBX. It has been requested before but no one has taken the time to build it yet.

Is it possible to fulfill the above requirements by FOP2?

No, it is intrinsic to Asterisk and FreePBX’ use of that function.

FOP2 will allow you to setup users that can monitor. Then you can turn off channelspy.