chan_skinny.c: Rejecting Device SEPxxxxxxxxxxxx Device not found -- Cisco 7921

I just recently installed FreePBX with Asterisk I have a Cisco 7945G phone working on it currently using SIP firmware. I also have a Cisco 7921G Wireless IP Phone that I would like to use with Asterisk. Unfortunately, there is no SIP firmware for this particular phone, so I am attempting to configure Asterisk to use Skinny. I have my 7921 configured for my home WLAN, which it connects to successfully. I have a TFTP server with the appropriate configuration file. Here is my SEPxxxxxxxxxxxx.cnf.xml file:

[member priority=“0”]
[loadInformation model=“Cisco 7921G”]CP7921G-1.3.3[/loadInformation]

My phone accepts this file and parses it correctly (so it seems :)). I have configured skinny.conf as best as I can understand. I have not found a wealth of information on this file. Here is my skinny.conf file:

;bindaddr= ; Address to bind to
;bindport=2000 ; Port to bind to, default tcp/2000
dateformat=M-D-Y ; M,D,Y in any order (6 chars max)
; “A” may also be used, but it must be at the end.
; Use M for month, D for day, Y for year, A for 12-hour time.

disallow = all
allow = ulaw
allow = alaw

line =>201

At this point, I admit that I am somewhat out of my depth. I do not know if there is any additional configuration that I need to complete. After reviewing the logfile, I see the following:

[2011-08-28 15:34:45] VERBOSE[4461] chan_skinny.c: – Starting Skinny session from
[2011-08-28 15:34:46] VERBOSE[4461] chan_skinny.c: Received Alarm Message: Name=SEP002255D48EFB Load=CP7921G-1.3.3 Last=Phone-Reg-Rej
[2011-08-28 15:34:46] VERBOSE[4461] chan_skinny.c: Device SEP002255D48EFB is attempting to register
[2011-08-28 15:34:46] ERROR[4461] chan_skinny.c: Rejecting Device SEP002255D48EFB: Device not found
[2011-08-28 15:34:46] WARNING[4461] chan_skinny.c: Skinny Client sent less data than expected. Expected 4 but got 0.
[2011-08-28 15:34:46] VERBOSE[4461] chan_skinny.c: Skinny Client was lost, unregistering

Doing a packet trace, I see the phone attempt to register with the following information:

Message ID: RegisterMessage (0x00000001)
Device Name: SEP002255D48EFB
Station user ID: 0
Station instance: 1
IP address:

I receive a reply from the Asterisk box rejecting the registration:

Message ID: RegisterRejectMessage (0x0000009d)
Display message: No Authority: SEP002255D48EFB

I have searched the forums with many search terms and have not found anything that can get me any further, so I am reaching out for help!

I feel that I may be missing something in my Asterisk configuration or my 7921 configuration. Can anyone tell me what I may be missing here?

Thank you!


I think you may have more luck with chan_sccp2, it’s an active and supported project.

They have a mailing list with many helpful members.

I was looking into that, but I couldn’t find anywhere to download even the source code for the 4.0 version. Unless I’m missing something?

Thanks for the speedy response!

Version 3.02 is current and it builds great against Asterisk 1.8.5

hi there, please help me out
i have 6 7945g with sip 9.3 version, i cant get them to register with the pbx, please share your cp-7945 cnf.xml file. i would be really grateful to u

Waqas this thread is about a SCCP channel driver. The conventional method is to convert these phones to SIP.

They are supported in the commercial endpoint manager. You can also hack your way through them in the OSS EPM that supports other phones in the family.

If you need help with these processes I suggest you start a new thread.