Chan_SIP unable to register on my PBX

I cant understand what i`m doing wrong i want to create extension to have video calls on FreePBX v.14 installed from distro. The only error i get in cli is

[2018-02-13 10:08:42] WARNING[20143] res_pjsip_registrar.c: Endpoint ‘anonymous’ has no configured AORs

why it forces to register on pjsip when i have created the extension:
This device uses CHAN_SIP technology listening on Port 5160 (UDP - this is a NON STANDARD port)

i`m using zoiper as my endpoint and i have enabled NAT on this extension.

If it`s some problem i can use with PJSIP but tell me what type of codec i need to allow all i have in mind at this moment are: ulaw&alaw&g726&g722&h264

And what Max Bit Rate i need to have default is 384 that’s low right ?

I’ve had problems with Zoiper talking to anything but port 5060 (which is why it’s trying to connect to port 5060).

There are at least solutions.

  1. Change the Zoiper dial string to include port 5160.
  2. Add the extension in PJ-SIP (instead of Chan-SIP).

You will need to decide what codecs you need to use - we can’t tell you which ones you have on both ends.

so i can use pjsip with 5060 port and allow video codec with any problem. thats nice

You may have to mess around with it. but yeah, that should work.

zoiper charges you to use
H.264, asterisk doesn’t do VP8

Add : 5160 after your host for that account if you want to use your chan_sip

I have tested no luck to activate.
Is there any chance to have video conferencing calls ?

no , the calls are point to point as far as video goes.

Check your firewall, forwarding ad protocols for 5160, I suggest you use TLS or TCP if you are using it on a cell phone

PBX in hosted and im blocking all traffic at this point. Only im allowed no need to port forward.

from the cli for chsn_sip

sip set debug on

for chan_pjsip

pjsip set history on
pjsip shosw history

should help you see if there is any traffic and what ports they are on

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