Chan-SCCP Line Keys

I have a bunch of Cisco 7965 phones that I am trying to repurpose. (I know, I know they are awful and less than ideal, but it’s what we need to make work for a while.) I have everything working great through Chan-SCCP and SCCP Manager, but I’m wondering if there is a way to make it wo that there are two line buttons on each phone for that phones extension and have the second call ring the second line key, rather than having all of the calls land on one line key.

You can make the same line appear multiple times but I don’t think chan_sccp has a way to do rollover from one button to the next as additional calls come in.

If you need it to work that way, you could set the max calls per line to 1 and give each endpoint multiple lines, then configure a “destination if busy” in FreePBX for the first line to point to the second one.

BTW the 7965 is a great phone :slight_smile:

unfortunately, you can’t have multiple line appearances for a single extension. When a second call comes in, it will appear bellow the active call, and you can select it using the D pad. Chan SCCP was never meant to totally replicate call manager. They tried to make their own spin on the call manager experience. Had they tried to replicate it verbatim, I think they would’ve been sued.

Still, It’s the best way to use the 79xx series of phones on asterisk, IMO. Very stable, and very fast. I have the 7931s at my house. The only time they go down is when I decide to “upgrade” the phone system to make it “better”… :wink:

I’m pretty sure there’s code in Chan-SCCP-B to allow for shared line appearance. I don’t remember the syntax for it, but it seems to me that there’s a ‘,1’ or ‘.1’ that you can add. I don’t know if that would help you, because it seems to me that it’s intended for sharing lines across multiple phones.

I’d ask Dietrich - I’m sure there’s something in the GitHub Wiki about this.

You can have multiple line appearances for a single line, aka shared line appearance, on multiple phones. (I use this at home to emulate a key phone system.) However, you can’t have multiple line appearances of the same line on a single phone, and have a second call “roll” over to the second appearance, like a CM.


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