Chan_PJSIP Trunk Settings not restored on power failure

I’ve got someone with a v14 system with latest updates on modules. They have been having power issues, because it’s Texas in extreme cold, and each and every time the server comes back up everything is working great except inbound calls.

Each and every time they have lost power and come back the Chan_PJSIP trunk keeps having its config not completely written out. Most importantly the Match setting keeps not being restore making it so no inbound calls can be excepted. In order to fix it, you need to do an “Apply Config” or “fwconsole restart/reload” (either works) in order to force all the configs to be re-written again and reloaded. Testing with clean power cycles/reboots does not have this behavior.

Just putting this out there to see if anyone has seen this on power failures themselves or just to keep an eye on out. Like I said it is always just the PJSIP trunk and the Match settings that seem to never get restored properly.

I’ve observed that the pbx did not get its IPV4 adress from the router since IPV6 seems to be faster after restart and the pbx is satisfied getting an ipv6 adress only (which does not work with my trunks too). I’ve changed from dhcp to fixed ipv4 in the admin module, interfaces. Can’t confirm whether or not this helps.

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