Chan_pjsip TLS parameters missing from pjsip.transports.conf

I’m using FreePBX 16.0.13 with all latest module updates installed.
I’m using chan_pjsip and trying to configure TLS.
In Settings, Asterisk SIP settings, Sip Settings [chan_pjsip], I have configured the TLS/SSL/SRTP Settings and enabled the TLS transport, submitted the changes and applied the config.
However, when I examine /etc/asterisk/pjsip.transports.conf I can see the transport with a protocol=tls but other TLS parameters are missing.
There are, method, verify_client, verify_server, ca_list_file, cert_file and priv_key_file.

Tested with sipsettings module ver 16.0.17 and I can’t repro this. No matter what TLS config I use, params are written to pjsip.transports.conf as expected.

I have sip settings 16.0.17 installed and still get this problem

I deleted all the TLS parameter and the Transport, then re-entered them and this time most of the TLS parameters were written to the file, just not the ca_list_file.

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