Chan Motif is not there

I am running FreePBX with Asterisk 11.4.0 on a VPS from

I do not find Chan Motif in Module Admin and do not find Google Voice (Motif) under the Connectivity Menu. What could be wrong?

I just got the server, and ran asterisk-version-switch to upgrade to version 11.

What am I missing?

You will need to utilize the Module Admin menu to add Google Voice/Chan Motif module to your installation. You can also uninstall the OSS PBX End Point Manager, and install the Commercial End Point Manager, since your hosting at includes a license for that module.

Enabled “Unsupported” in Module Admin.

Thanks for the guidance re chan-motif. That worked!

I uninstalled OSS PBX End Point Manager. How do I get the Commercial End Point Manager? It does not show up in Module Admin.

The instructions would have been linked in the VPS Account Information email you received after you set up your account. Here is a link